Aviation of World War II

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Willy Messerschmitt

Willy Messerschmitt
(June 26, 1898 – September 15, 1978)

Professor Willy Messerschmitt, designer, head of the company and creator of the legendary Me 109, Me 262 fighters.

Before the defeat of Germany in the Second World War, 30,573 Me-109 aircraft of all modifications were produced. At the end of the war, the Me-109 was produced until 1958 in Spain under the designations HAS-1109-J1l, HA-1110-K1L (double) and HA-1112-K1L, as well as until 1948 in Czechoslovakia under the designations S-99 and S- 199. Taking these aircraft into account, the total number of Me-109s manufactured reaches more than 33,000.

The Me-109 fighter at the initial stage of World War II was at least as good as British fighters and surpassed all Soviet fighters. This was largely facilitated by the improvement of its aerodynamics in comparison with the first samples. In subsequent years, the attention of designers to aerodynamics was weakened in favor of strengthening the weapons and increasing engine power.