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He 100



He 100 in flight

The Heinkel He 100 was a German pre-World War II fighter aircraft design from Heinkel.

On 30 March 1939 He 100V8 set a new world absolute speed record of 746.604km/h at the hands of Flugkapitan Hans Dieterle.

Although it proved to be one of the fastest fighter aircraft in the world at the time of its development, the design was not ordered into series production.

Approximately 19 prototypes and pre-production machines were built. None are known to have survived the war.

Hе 100 D-1 Specification
Crew 1
Wing span, m 9.4
Wing area, m² 14.5
Length, m 8.2
Height, m 3.6
DB-601Aa - 12-PE, Power at sea level, hp 1175
at altitude 4500m 1,030
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 1,810
Maximum takeoff weight 2500
Maximum speed at sea level, km/h 615
at altitude 5000m 650
Time to level 5000m, min 4.6
Service ceiling, m 11,000
Service range, km 885
1 ? MG-FF & 2 ? MG-17 in the wing 1 + 2



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