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He 280V3 GJ+CB

This airplane under the project was completed with the most high-power engines on that moment: He S-8A and He S-30A, still were in stage of development. By March, 1941 engines at last were He-S-8 ready to the installation, and on April, 2, 1942 the airplane has made the first test flight but thrust of engines were made only 500 kg.

To the beginning of 1943 thrust of engines been increase up to 600 kg. But also with engines BMW-109-003 the airplane has not made good impression, therefore He-280 has not gone to series production and has soon conceded the place to airplane Ме-262.

Crew 1
Wing span, m 12
Length, m 10.4
2 ? TJE HeS-8A, thrust, kgs 2 ? 600
Weight, kg:
Maximum takeoff weight 4340
Maximum speed at altitude 6458m, km/h 800
Drawing He 280


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