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Medium Bomber



Airplane Ju-188 created on the basis of prototype Ju-88B and for the first time taken aloft in 1940. Ju-88, started deliveries to Luftwaffe in 1942, were produced about 1100 airplanes, including bomber Ju-188A with two engines " Jumo 212А " power on 1776 hp and its prospecting version Ju-188D;

Bomber Ju-188Е with the installation of radial air-cooled engines instead of V-shaped water cooling and its prospecting version Ju-188;

Ju-188T - the high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. Besides the airplane had versions of an all-weather and night fighter.

Crew 4
Wing span, m 22
Length, m 15
Height, m 4.46
Power Plant
2 × PE BMW 801D-2, hp 1680
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 9410
Maximum takeoff weight 14570
Maximum speed, km/h 544
Time to 6000m, min 17
Service ceiling, m 10100
Service range with bomb load 1500 kg, km 2480

Armament. 20-mm cannon, 2 × 13-mm machine guns, 2 × 2×7.92-mm machine guns, 3000 kg bombs.

Photo Description
Схема Ju 188E1

Схема Ju 188 E1

Ju 188E2

Ju 188 E2


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