Aviation of WWII
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Medium Transport Aircraft


Ju 52 3M G2

Medium transport aircraft Ju-52/3m7e in 18-local variant was the basic updating of transport plane Ju-52. This variant was equipped with the autopilot and had a wide door of a cargo cabin for fast loading and landing of troops.

The subsequent modifications of an airplane had an improved landing gear for landing to dirty unpaved airfields.

Crew 4-5
Wing span, m 29.2
Length, m 18.9
Height, m 4.52
3 × PE BMW 132Т-2, hp 730
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 6500
Maximum takeoff weight 11030
Maximum speed, km/h 286
Time to 3000m, min 18
Service ceiling, m 5900
Service range, km 1305
2-3 X 7.92-mm machine guns  


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