Aviation of WWII
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Medium Transport Aircraft


Ju 52 3m

The first flight of the prototype of the new transport plane has taken place in October, 1930, at that time the machine was equipped only with one V-shaped engine BMW-VII capacity 725 hp

The first made models (from Ju-52a up to ju-52d) intended for civil use and differed only type of the engines established by it. But on variant Ju-52/3m already there were three engines, that at once has given a significant gain of speed and carrying capacity.

This plane has been constructed in quantity about 4850 copies, from Ju-52 up to Ju-52/3m. The basic function of the plane during all war was transport.

Crew 4-5
Wing span, m 29.2
Length, m 18.9
Height, m 4.52
3 × PE BMW 132Т-2, hp 730
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 6500
Maximum takeoff weight 11030
Maximum speed, km/h 286
Time to 3000m, min 18
Service ceiling, m 5900
Service range, km 1305
2-3 X 7.92-mm machine guns  


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