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Medium Bomber


Ju-86 D1 in flight

Airplane Ju-86 has been designed by firm "Junkers", as a medium bomber.

First two versions of this machine of steel Ju-86D and Ju-86E, going into service in the spring of 1936 and differing a power plant - last had radial engines BMW 132 power on 810 hp.

Operation of machines has revealed insufficient power of a power plant then the following modifications of an airplane have been developed: civil transport and Ju-86Z, educational bomber Ju-86G and export version of bomber Ju-86K.

The latest versions became high-altitude Ju-86P and Ju-86R, equipped an airtight cabin. Ju-86P had engine "Jumo" 207A-1 power 950 hp and wingspan of 25,6 m while reconnaissance aircraft Ju-86R had engine "Jumo" 207B-3 power 1000 hp, wingspan of 32 m and a ceiling of 14400 m.

In total 470 airplanes Ju-86 were built.

Crew 4
Wing span, m 22.5
Length, m 17.57
Height, m 5.06
2 X PE Jumo 205C-4, hp 600
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 5800
Maximum takeoff weight 8200
Maximum speed, km/h 325
Service ceiling, m 5900
Service range with maximum bomb load, km 1,140
3 X 7.92-mm machine guns, internal bomb load, kg 1000
Photo Description

Drawing Ju-86K

The Ju 86 in flight

The Jumo 205 diesel engine was the trademark of the Ju 86 for a long time.

A parked Ju 86 E of FFS N 6 in the summer of 1940.


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