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Dive Bomber


Ju-87D-1 1942

The new engine " Jumo 211J1 " was ready, in the spring, 1940, therefore the group of designers of firm " Юнкерc " has urgently undertaken development of improved model Ju-87В for the installation of this engine which not only had the greater power, but also would allow to give an airplane "cleaner" aerodynamic forms. With the same purposes the cabin and fairings of a landing gear have been changed. Besides on an airplane have increased capacity of internal fuel tanks, have improved protection of crew and have strengthened armament. The lower part of a fuselage was strengthened and new pylons, for the suspension of bombs in weight up to 1800 kg are established. There were seven versions of modification Ju-87D - from Ju-87D-1 up to Ju-87D-8, including glider tug Ju-87D-2) and night attack aircraft (Ju-87D-7).

Ju 87D
Ju-87 Specification
Ju-87D-1 Ju-87D-5 Ju-87D-8
Crew 2
Length, m 11.50
Height, m 3.88
Wing span, m 13.80 15.00 15.00
Wing area, m2 31.90 33.68 33.68
Wing loading, kg/m2 206,9 196 197
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 3900 3940 3938
Maximum takeoff weight 6600 6580 6607
PE Jumo 210J-1 Jumo 211J-1 Jumo 211P
Power, hp/kW 1420/1044 1420/1044 1500/1104
Maximum speed km/h 410 400 383
at altitude, m 4100 4100 4090
Time to altitude min 19 20 12
m 5000 5000 4000
Service ceiling, m 7285 7500 8000
Service range, km 1535 1530 790
Machine guns 3
External bomb load, kg 1000

In detail


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Ju87D5 L1 CH-1 SG.1 Russia February 1944 01

Ju-87D5 L1 CH-1 SG.1 Russia February 1944 01

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