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Ju 88 Mistel

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Ju 88 Mistel из KG 200

On June 17, 1942, the technical management of the German Ministry of Aviation discussed the possibility of creating an integrated strike system as part of an unmanned Ju 88 filled with explosives and a single-engine fighter, the pilot of which was supposed to control the entire system from the moment of takeoff to finding a target and transferring it to a dive to the target. ... Further, the fighter was supposed to separate from the Ju 88 and return to its airfield, and the bomber, held by the autopilot on the course and glide path, was to explode on impact with the earth's surface. However, it took time before the implementation of this system in metal. Only in February 1944 was the technical design of the system finally approved.

At the end of 1943, Junkers received an order to convert 15 Ju 88A into the Mistel version, and the entire system received the code designation Beethoven.

The warhead of the system was successfully tested on the old French target battleship "Ocean" in the second half of 1943. Experiments were also carried out to destroy fortifications. The final stage of warhead testing was carried out at Peenemünde in April-May 1944.

In total, during the Second World War, about 250 Mistels of all modifications were produced.

Ju 88a-4 Specification
Wing span, m 20.00
Length, m 14.40
Height, m 4.85
2 × PE Junkers Jumo-211 J-2, power h. p. 2 × 1340
Weight, kg:
Empty 9,870
Loaded weight 12,115
Gross weight 14,000
Maximum speed, km/h 467
Cruising speed, km/h 400
Service ceiling, m 8,200
Service range, km 2,710

"Mistels" were supposed to be used to destroy industrial enterprises of the USSR as part of Operation Iron Hammer at the turn of 1943 - 1944. However, by the time they were ready, the Soviet troops had already approached Germany itself, and the Mistels had to be used in the last months of the war, mainly to destroy the water crossings across the Oder.

Photo Description
Схема Ju 88 Mistel

Схема Ju 88 Mistel 2

Ju 88H1 Mistel

Mistel Ju88 H1 и Fw 190a8 из RAF


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July 19, 2019

Mistel - translated from German - white mistletoe - a shrub, semi-parasite growing on trees, receiving water and mineral nutrition from the host plant.

July 18, 2019

And the idea of using the Mistels against a formation of bombers flying in a dense layer seems absolutely fantastic ... :-)