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Messersсhmitt P-1101
  • Experimental Jet Fighter
  • Messerschmitt

Shortly before the ending of war firm "Messerschmitt" has developed interesting single-engine fighter. The wing had a sweep 45 deg.

In some sources it is informed, that the angle of sweep in flight it was possible to change within the limits of 35-45 deg. In my opinion this was clean a prototype airplane is constructed for definition of an optimum angle of a sweep and for this purpose the airplane had a wing changed the angle of a sweep on the ground. In this case the question on change in flight of an angle of a sweep did not stand.

Crew 1
Wing span, m 8.24
Wing area, m² 15.9
Length, m 9.17
Height, m 2.80
TJE Jumo-004B, thrust, kgs 890
Weight, kg:
Maximum takeoff weight 4,700
Maximum speed, km/h 981
Service ceiling, m 13,800
Service range, km 1,500
2 × 30-mm MK-108 cannon -

The prototype P-1101 V1 was built at a small secret factory in the town of Oberammergau, in southern Germany. By the time of its capture by the allies, the prototype P-1101 V1 was about 80% ready and hidden from the Americans in a hangar in the mountains. The discovered machine was of great interest to engineer Robert Woods of the Bell firm in the possibility of changing the sweep of the wing.

The unfinished car was decided to be transported to the USA, but during unloading the plane was severely damaged, which slowed down further work. They remembered about the German plane only in 1948, deciding to restore and test the unique car.

Due to the lack of an engine, the P-1101 was equipped with an American Allison J-35 turbojet engine, which had a greater weight and dimensions than the HeS 011, but had a significantly higher thrust.

The Bell X-5 was built on the basis of the P-1101 by the American company "Bell" and on June 20, 1951 it was tested in the air. A mechanism for changing the sweep of the wing in flight in the range of 20-60 ° was developed for the aircraft.

Photo Description
Drawing P-1101

Drawing P-1101

Layout drawing P-1101

Layout drawing P-1101

Messersсhmitt P-1101


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