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Me-262 A-2 Sturmvogel

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Me-262 A-2 Sturmvogel

The Me-262A-2a Sturmvogel (Storm Bird). As noted, it was fitted with two stores pylons under the forward fuselage for two 250 kilogram (550 pound) general-purpose or cluster bombs, and only had the upper pair of MK-108 30 millimeter cannon.

 The Sturmvogel was too "clean" for dive-bombing attacks. It would build up too much speed, becoming uncontrollable. It had no bombsight for performing horizontal bombing attacks from medium or high altitudes, but a skilled pilot could use it to perform useful horizontal attacks at low level, particularly with cluster munitions that didn't have to be aimed precisely.

 In The first fighting part which has tested Ме-262А-2а in battle, was the squadron of major Wolfgang Shenka generated in July, 1944. Four more divisions of fighters - bombers have been generated on January, 30, 1945, though three of them - I/KG(J)54 , II/KG(J), III/KG(J)6 participated in fights only.

Modifications Weights: Empty: 4000kg (B-1a 4400kg); Loaded: 7045kg (B-1a 6400kg)

Performance: Maximum speed: Me 262A-1a: 540mph (870km/h); Me 262A-2a: 470 mph (755km/h); Me 262B-1a: 497 mph (800km/h)

Armament: Me 262A-1a: Four 30mm MK 108 cannon in nose -two with 100 rounds each, two with 80

Me 262A-1a/U1: two 30mm MK 103; two MK 108; two 20mm MG 151/20

Me 262A-1b: as A-1a plus 24 spin-stabilised R4/M 55mm rockets

Me 262A-2a: as A-1a plus bomb load of two 500kg bombs

Me 262B-1a: as A-1a

Me 262B-2a: as A-1A plus two inclined MK 108 behind the cockpit in Schrage Musik installation

(D) SG 500 Jagdfaust with 12 rifled mortar barrels inclined in nose

(E) 50mm MK 114 gun or 48 R4/M rockets

Me 262A-1a Specification
Crew 1
Wing Span 12.5 m (41 ft 0 in)
Wing Area 21.7 m2 (234 ft2)
Length, m 10.58 m (34 ft 9 in)
Height 3.83 m (12 ft 7 in)
2 X TJE Jumo-004B-1, B-2 ore B-3, thrust 900 kgp (1,980 lbf)
Empty weight 3800 kg (8,380 lb)
Loaded with 1800 l Fuel 6400 kg (14,110 lb)
Maximum takeoff weight with 2565 l fuel 7130 kg (15,720 lb)
Maximum speed at weight of 6475 kg (14,275 lb) at sea level 822.5 km/h (511 mph)
at altitude 850 / 865 / 815 km/h
(528 / 538 / 506 mph)
m (ft) 3,000 / 6,000 / 10,000 m
(9,824 / 19,685 /32,808 ft)
Rate of climb at sea level 20 m/s (66 ft/s)
at altitude 11/5.5 (36 / 18 ft/s)
m 6000/9000 m (19,685 / 29,527 ft)
Time to level 6,000/9,000 m (19,685 / 29,527 ft) 6.8/13.1 min
Service ceiling 11,450 m (37,600 ft)
Service range at altitude 9000m with 1800 l Fuel 1040 km (646 ml)
4X30-mm MK-108 cannon in a nose with shell, pcs. 2x100 and 2x80

Photo Description
Drawing Me-262 A-2a

Drawing Me-262 A-2a

The Me-262 (V 303) with the 1000 kg bomb

The Me-262 (V 303) with the 1000 kg bomb

Me 262, 'White 13', Werk Nr 110522 of III./EJC 2

Me 262, "White 13", Werk Nr 110522 of III./EJC 2, in the Spring of 1945 at Lechfeld


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