Aviation of WWII
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Photo Discription

Me 109F-2 # 9209 repaired before test flights in the Air Force Research Institute, March 1942.

Bf 109F-4 / B commander 10./JG2.

Me 109G-6, W. Nr. 15562, CN + WF with underwing guns MG 151/20.

Bf 109G-10 in flight.

Bf 110D-3 (W.Nr.3406, 3U + LT) 9./ZG of 26 over the Mediterranean, in the summer of 1941.
    Game-white rooster with red crest - the emblem of 9 Squadron.
    Ladybug in White oblique square - the emblem of III / ZG 26.
    White "N" on the hood of the engine means that on the aircraft are DB601N engines.

Bf 110D-3 of the 2nd Staffel I / ZG 52. France, summer 1940.

Bf 110 E (W.Nr. 3404 - U8 + AK) 2./ZG of 26 in an attack on Yugoslavia. On the nose of the airplane logo 1/ZG 26.

On the Bf 110F-2 successfully conducted experiments on the use of 210-mm rockets (Wfr.Gr.21) against army of enemy bombers.

Bf 110G-4/R3/R7/M5 with airborne designation 2N + FM 4./ZG of 76. Winter-Spring 1944.

Me 410B-2 (Head # 130379) from the group II/ZG26, captured in the spring of 1945 in East Prussia.

Me 163B in the USSR.

Me 262.

Me 262, "White 13", Werk Nr 110,522 of III. / EJC 2, Spring 1945, at Lechfeld.

Me 262 (V 303), modified by the 1000-kg bomb.

Me 262 B

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