Aviation of WWII
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Large-caliber machine gun


Large-caliber MG-131 machine gun (13-mm) was the basic system consisting on arms of the German aircraft. The machine gun was widely used as synchronous, turret and wing.

Automatics of MG-131 machine gun worked due to energy of feedback of a trunk. Shooting was made with the help of electrodescent.

The feed of a machine gun by cartridges was carried out from a metal demountable tape. Submission of a tape bilaterial.

Common length of a machine gun of 1170 mm, length of a trunk of 550 mm. Shooting was made by cartridges in length of 105 mm, length of a sleeve of 64 mm.

Initial speed of a bullet of 750-800 m/s. Rate of shooting of 800-900 shots/minutes.

The MG-131 machine gun differed reliability and non-failure operation in work, but It also had a plenty of details, difficult in processing. (Complexity of the device was estimated by the Soviet experts. Probably Germans so did not consider).


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