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Aircraft Machine Gun

7.92 mm


The 7.92-mm machine gun MG-17 have been developed and issued by firm "Reynemetall ".

Any machine gun MG-15 could be wing or synchronous, that was reached by replacement of the trigger mechanism - was put either electro descent or the opening mechanism.

Automatics of machine gun MG-17 worked due to energy of recoil of a trunk, similarly to automatics of MG-15 machine gun.

General length of a machine gun of 1180 mm. Length of a trunk of 600 mm.

The feed of a machine gun tape. A tape metal with parts one-piece. Two tapes easily incorporate a cartridge. The capacity of a tape from 50 up to 250 and is higher than cartridges.

Weight of an empty tape on 250 cartridges - 1.1 kg, the equipped tape - 7,6 kg. Weight of a machine gun without a tape of 10.7 kg.

Rate of shooting of 1100-1150 shots/minutes. Initial speed of a bullet of 755-800 m/s at its weight of 12.8 g.

Advantages of MG-17 machine gun were a bilateral feed, an opportunity of a remote reload (the electric, pneumatic camera) and simplicity of a loading, lacks - complexity of the trigger mechanism and complexity of assembly and disassembly.


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