Aviation of World War II

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Turret Machine Gun

7.92 mm


The 7.92-mm MG-81 machine gun represented dual turret a machine gun. Two machine guns connected together shot independently from each other and were established on the turret of the plane.

Automatics of MG-81 machine gun worked due to energy of recoil of a trunk. A feed of a machine gun came true the same tape, as MG-17.

The Weight of one machine gun without a tape was 6.6 kg. Weight of machine gun without a tape was 15 kg. Weight of a tape with 50 cartridges was 6.6 kg.

Common length of a machine gun of 900 mm, length of a trunk of 480 mm. At weight of a bullet 12.8 g its initial speed of 755 m/s.


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