Aviation of WWII
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The 20-mm MG-FF cannon has been created by firm "Erlicon". It was applied in wing and turret variants.

Operation of a cannon was by push-button.

Full length of a gun of 1370 mm, length of a trunk of 822 mm. Weight of a gun with an electric equipment, but without shop: in wing variant 28 of kg, in turret 33,5 kg.

Wing cannon had ammunition load on 60 cartridges, turret - on 15.

The same shells entered Into an ammunition load of MG-FF cannon, as at 20-mm of gun MG-151, but the length of a sleeve and diameter of a flange of sleeve MG-FF were less, than at MG-151. The propellant charge too was less, than at MG-151: for shells in weight 115 g - 13,5 g, and for shells in weight 92 g - 19,5 g. Accordingly, the ballistics at MG-FF was worse.

Initial speed of 600 m/s instead of 780 m/s at MG-151. Rate of shooting of 520 shots/minutes.


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