Aviation of World War II

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Aircraft Cannon

30 mm

MK 103

This gun was the most effective serial German airgun.

Automatics is based on the mixed principle: unlocking of a bore and raising of a breech-block came true due to energy of powder gases.

The feed of the automatic device by cartridges tape. The tape moved from left to right. Counterrecoil mechanisms of a breech-block and a trunk spring.

The length of a gun full 2450 mm, weight of a gun of 143 kg. Rate of shooting of 425 shots/minutes. The initial missile velocity in weight 440 g was 710 m/s.

The length of the trunk was 182 mm. Weight of cartridges from 778 g till 935 g.

The gun МК-103 has been designed in a course of war and was technological enough. On responses of experts of Military academy of name Feliks Dzerzinckiy: «The gun was distinguished with simplicity of mechanisms, comparative simplicity of disassembly and assembly, wide application of punching and welding». Lack of a gun was the big sharpness of work of a breech-block.


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