Aviation of WWII
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Electric equipment of FW-190

All gears had the electric drive, except for brakes and a screw pitch-control mechanism, working from a hydraulic drive.

The Drive of extension{issue} and cleaning of a landing gear and flaps was electric, for each of racks and each flap one the motor. The stabilizer had the changeable angle of the installation also regulated by an electric motor.

Direct current, voltage 24V, single-wire, source - generator "Bosh", power 2000 Wt, the emergency power source - the accumulator on 20 Ah, located behind a seat of the pilot.

Oxygen equipment of FW-190

The oxygen equipment has consisten of nine three-liter cylinders, connected in three systems on three cylinders, established in a fuselage in area of 9-th frame. Pressure in system - 150 atmospheres. Refuelling was carried out on-line.

The oxygen device settled down in a cabin on the right, submitted oxygen mixed up with air in proportions, depending on height of flight. From above 8000м pure oxygen moved.

Radio equipment of FW-190

The radio equipment has consistent of command radio station FuG 16 ZY, 38,5-42,3 MHz working in a range and direction finder ZVG 16.

The Radio equipment actuated the cord antenna going from a fin to a cabin and the antenna in the rack such as "Moran" under the left wing. The direction finder worked with the directional ring antenna under a mean part of a fuselage.

On airplanes the equipment of "identification" FuG 25a with a built-in detonator and the antenna in the lower part of a fuselage was established.