Aviation of World War II

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Ta 400
  • Long-Range Bomber
  • Focke-Wulf

The aircraft was named after the chief designer and technical director of the firm, Kurt Tank. The Ta-400 was designed to bombard enemy strategic targets and conduct naval warfare in the Atlantic at a great distance from their bases. The development of the Ta-400 was carried out at a very fast pace, but only working documentation was produced. It never came to the construction of a prototype of this aircraft.

Ta-400 in flight

Crew 6
Wing span, m 46.00
Length, m 28.17
Height, m 6.00
6 X PE BMW-801E, hp 1700
Weight, kg:
Maximum takeoff weight 59875
Maximum speed at altitude 6000m, km/h 535
Rate of climb, m/sek 6-8
Service ceiling, m 8900
Service range, m 8000
4 × 30-mm MК-108 cannon, 5 × 20-mm MG-151 cannon, 4 × 13-mm machine guns, bombs, kg 10000


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