Aviation of WWII
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Long-range Bomber


Ta-400 in flight

The airplane has received the designation named Kurt Tank, the chief designer and technical director of firm . Ta - 400 was intended for bombardment of strategic objects in marine war in Atlantic at a great distance from home bases. Ta - 400 was conducted by very fast rates, however it was possible to make only the working documentation. The airplane has not been constructed in connection with the ending of war.

Crew 6
Wing span, m 46.00
Length, m 28.17
Height, m 6.00
6 X PE BMW-801E, hp 1700
Weight, kg:
Maximum takeoff weight 59875
Maximum speed at altitude 6000m, km/h 535
Rate of climb, m/sek 6-8
Service ceiling, m 8900
Service range, m 8000
4 × 30-mm MК-108 cannon, 5 × 20-mm MG-151 cannon, 4 × 13-mm machine guns, bombs, kg 10000


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