Aviation of WWII
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Manuals B-17 B-29 Pilot`s Notes
The B-29. The flight engineer`s stand mounts the engine controls and gages.

Besides throttles, mixture controls, and fuel-tank selectors, the flight engineer`s stand mounts the following engine controls and gages:

1. Cowl flap switches and indicators 2. Intercooler flap switces and indicators 3. Oil dilution switches 4. Starter switches 5. Oil cooler shutter switches 6. Pilot and prop anti-icer switches 7. Engine prime switches 8. Fuel shut-off valve switches 9. Fuel boost rheostats 10. Generator switches 11. Fuel transfer switches 12. Inverter switch 13. Hydraulic pump switch 14. Engine fire extinguisher controls and selector valve 15. Ignition switches 16. All engine, fuel, and oil gages 17. Two altimeters (outside and cabin) 18. Two rate-of-climb indicators (outside and cabin) 19. Airspeed indicator 20. Clock 21. Hydraulic pressure gages 22. Propeller anti-icer rheostats and switch 23. Suction gage 24. Emergency system filler valve 25. Landing gear spotlight switch 26. Cabin pressure warning horn switch 27. Cabin differential pressure gage 28. Cabin air rate-of-flow gages (2)