Aviation of WWII
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Pilot`s Notes & Manual Lancaster Maintanance Manual

Lancaster start-up

The engine start is usually carried out with two people in the cockpit, one person in each wheel well, standing on the tyre, and one person in front of the Lancaster with a headset, who acts as the safety man. The start-up is carried out following a set procedure, as follows:

1. Power to the aircraft is switched on by means of the ground flight switch, aft of the forward main spar

2. The control tower is contacted to confirm that aircraft is about to start engines, and they are informed of the number of personnel on board

3. The undercarriage master switch is set to ON

4. At the same time the instrument panel switch is set to ON

5. The boost coil switch is set to ON

6. The fire system light test is carried out to ensure that the system is working

7. The flap indicator switch is set to ON

8. The brake lever is applied, giving 120 psi to the main wheels

9. The lock to the brake lever is put in place; this keeps the brakes on without having to hold the lever

10. The airscrew control is set to FINE

11. The throttle lever on number 3 engine is moved one inch forward

12. The fuel master cock to number 3 engine is set to ON

13. The fuel tank selector cocks are moved to the OUTER TANK position

14. The outer tank fuel pump is set to ON

15.The number 3 engine magneto switch is set to ON

16. The person in the undercarriage bay unscrews the priming pump

17. He then operates thte pump 8 to 12 times to prime the engine

18. The switch guard is lifted, the number 3 engine start button is pressed and the engine starts

The other engines follow the same procedure from stage 10 on.