Aviation of WWII
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Manuals Do-335 Do-335 "Pfeil"

Dornier Do-335 "Pfeil"

By Heinz J.Nowarra, Edward T. Maloney

Photo Description

Rare interior view of Do 335A Daimler Benz 603 G engine of 1900 h.p. Note how front cowling hinges at top and is held in place by only three quick release latches. Engine mount was of simple, light weight design.

Interior view of Daimler Benz DB 603 G engine with lower cowling removed. Center actuator operated cowl flaps at rear of engine.

Do 335 A-1 pilots cockpit and canopy close up. The pilot had very poor rear visibility and therefore special blisters were made in the canopy glass to house rear view mirrors.

Do 335 A front cockpit canopy hinged up and back. Front windshield was made up of fixed segmental glass panels.

Detail closeup of Do 335 A-1 instrument panel as viewed from left wing. Flight instruments are grouped in the center and pilot compass at top. Pilot stick was U-shaped with cannon and machine gun triggers on left handle. No gun sight was fitted, so it is doubtful that this model carried armament.

Full interior view of Do 335 cockpit, engine throttles are on left console. Compass has been shifted to left to make room for Revi gunsight, top center.

Interior view of cockpit instrument panel showing left console, pilot control column, and windshield defroster.

Do 335A close-up of pilot seat and head rest. Electrical circuit breakers are just above right side console. Cockpit was spacious and comfortable.

Do 335 main landing gear wheel well showing hydraulic actuators, check valves, and lines.

Interior view of Do 335A main landing gear wheel well. Landing gear door and actuators were hydraulically actuated.

Interior view of Do 335 nose landing gear which retracted rearward into wheel well in front lower fuselage.

Rare interior view of Do 335A bomb bay. Bomb bay doors opened hydraulically. Hydraulics were located on left and forward bulkheads, the electrical bundles and circuit junctions were located on right side.

Do 335 with rear spinner removed from VDM propeller. Engine exhaust outlets are in the open position.

Do 335 A-1 taxiing out on the ramp for its maiden flight. When Allied fighter pilots first viewed the Do 335 in flight they rubbed their eyes in disbelief and wondered if they had seen a "Buck Rogers" space plane.

Close-up view of Do 335 V-3 (CP + ZH) shows exact details of the unique cruciform tail. Rear Daimler Benz DB 603 engine drove V.D.M. propeller at rear via 10 foot extension shaft.

Dornier Do 335 A-0 Werk Number 102 was returned to United States for examination and inspection. The above photograph was taken at the U.S. Navy's Patuxent River Test Center in Maryland in 1947.

Dornier 335 A-1, one of eleven production models built. This one was captured at factory by American Army troops when the war ended in April 1945.

The Dornier Do 335 V-9 was delivered to the Luftwaffe flight test center at Rechlin for flight test trials during the summer of 1944. Rechlin test pilots acclaimed the Do 335's performance.

That was the end! A lonely Do 335 stands on a German airfield April 1945. This is the fifth production model of the Dornier Do 335 A-1 Werk Number 105. In the background is an Arado 234 jet bomber.