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The Le Rhone C

The Le Rhone C is a French 9-cylinder, air-cooled rotary radial engine.

Designed in 1912, it gained a reputation for being lighter and more economic than the Gnome engine which had dominated the market until then. The Gnome company bought the Le Rhone engines continued until the end of World War I. The models produced in the largest numbers were the C and J, of 80 and 110 hp respectively. They were also built in Germany, Sweden, the USA and Russia.

Le Rhone engines were used in French Nieuport 11 and British Sopwith Pup Fighters and in French Nieuport 10 and Morane-Saulnier L reconnaissance aircraft.

Max. power output 80 hp. Max engine speed 1200 r/min. Weight 114 kg. Serial number 56879.

   Photo from Eugenius.