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Hispano-Suiza 8 Aa

Hispano-Suiza 8 Aa is a Frernch 8 cylinder, liquid-cooled V-engine.

It was designed by Marc Birkigt, an engineer of Swiss birth, in 1914.

The Aa model entered serial production in France the Following year.

The power output of the first engines was 140 hp, while the last Ba models developed 220 hp. The production of the Aa model and its improved versions exceeded 40,000 units. In Finland, Hispano-Suiza Aa engines were used in Spad S.VIII fighter and Shchetinin M-15 Flying boats captured from the Russians.

Max. power output 150 hp. Max engine speed 1500 r/min. Weight 190 kg. Serial number 120190.

   Photo from Eugenius.