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The M-85 is a Russian 14-cylinder, air-cooled supercharged two-row radial engine. It has been developed from the French Gnome-Rhone 14 K engine, the licence production rights of which were sold not only to the Soviet Union but also to Italy and Japan.

The M-85 has been used in the Soviet Union in the DB-3 bomber. The DB-3 and DB-3 F aircraft that were operated by the Finns had M-87 and M-88 engines, further developments of the M-85. The M-85 on display is a Russian ground instructional engine that was probably purchased to Finland from Germany during World War II.

Max. power output 1000 hp; Max engine speed 2300 r/min; Weight 680 kg; Serial number 85-25.

   Photo from Eugenius.