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Mikulin AM-35A

The AM-35 is a Russian 12-cylinder, liquid-cooled supercharged V-engine. The power/weight ratio of the AM-35 fell short of expectations, the engine remaining too heavy. It was however, developed into the 1700 hp AM-38, which as the power plant of the Il-2 aircraft contributed decisively to the outcome of World War II.

The AM-35 has been used in MiG-1 and MiG-3 fighters. Production of the AM-35A ceased early (in 1941). The engine on display was probably installed on the aircraft that was shot down near Utti in 1941.

The Mikoyan & Gurevich MiG-3 started the long line of MiG fighters. 21 of these aircraft were bought by Finland from Germany in 1943. They would have been the first aircraft should they not have been destroyed in serial bombing while on train in Stetin.

Max power output 1350 hp. Max engine speed 2250 r/min. Weight 830 kg. Serial number 3812.

   Photo from Eugenius.