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Amiot 354

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Amiot 354

Amiot 354 - a free-carrying monoplane with clean aerodynamic shapes, a monocoque fuselage, a tricycle landing gear with a tail wheel, the main struts were retracted into the engine nacelles.

In the forward fuselage there is a glazed navigator's cockpit with equipment for aimed bombing, at the level of the propellers, the cockpit, behind it there was a gunner with a turret gun mount and, finally, below, just behind the bomb bay, there was a lower firing point with a radio operator ...

Powerplant Amiot 354 - two Gnome-Rhone 14N 48/49 1160 hp engines. The Amiot 355.01 had two piston engines with two-stage Gnome-Rhone 14R 2/3 superchargers with a capacity of 1200 hp each, then the Amiot 356.01 appeared with two Rolls-Royce Merlin X engines with an output of 1130 hp. and finally the Amiot 357, a high-altitude bomber with two Hispano-Suiza 12Z piston engines equipped with a turbocharger.

The first two Amiot 354s entered the army only on April 7, 1940. Of all the Amiots produced before the surrender of France in June 1940 (about 62 machines), only a few were used for their intended purpose. The rest were either insufficiently armed and equipped, or were destroyed on the ground during German air raids.

Amiot 354 B4 Specification
Crew 4
Wing span, m 22.83
Wing area, m² 67.50
Length, m 14.50
Height, m 4.08
2 × PE Gnome-Rhone 14N 48/49, power, hp 2 × 1160
Weight, kg:
Empty 4,725
Gross weight 11,300
Maximum speed, km/h 477
Cruising speed, km/h 398
Rate of climb, m/min 465
Service range, km 2,500
Service ceiling, m 10,000

Armament. One 20-mm Hispano-Suiza HS-404 cannon in the dorsal turret, two 7.5-mm MAC machine guns. Bombs in the nose and ventral compartments: normal - up to 800 kg of bombs, maximum - 1200 kg.

Photo Description
Drawing Amiot 354

Drawing Amiot 354


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