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Ba.201 was supposed to become the main dive bomber Regia Aeronautica, but it had a number of disadvantages: the speed of the prototype aircraft was 460 km / h, which is less than the required 500 km / h. And although the plane had a very good forward view, the plane remained defenseless against attacks from enemy fighters. If the German Junkers Ju-87D, instead of which the Ba.201 was developed, was a two-seater aircraft with a gunner protecting the rear hemisphere, then the pilot of the Breda Ba.201 had to rely only on himself.

Nevertheless, in the winter of 1941-1942. the aircraft was returned for revision, and it entered testing again in March 1942, with a total of 40 flight hours. In April 1942, the prototype was destroyed during a rough landing due to pilot error. After the accident, tests continued on the second prototype (MM.452), the first flight on March 28, 1942.The second prototype practically did not differ from the first prototype, which made it possible to transfer the bomber for military trials to the 97Gr. B.T. The plane was flown from the airfield in Guidonia to Trapani-Cinizia on June 14, 1943, but the situation in Italy by that time became so complicated that after 27 flights the Ba.201 was again sent further to the rear. Breda's hopes for the serial production of the bomber never materialized. The reason for this was the lack of engines that were required for the fighters. The fate of the second prototype remains unknown, apparently in September 1943 it was destroyed in order to avoid capture by German troops.

Ba.201 Specification
Crew 1
Wing span, m 13.00
Wing area, m² 24.84
Length, m 11.13
Height, m 3.10
1 × PE Alfa Romeo RC.41-I Monsone (DB 601A), h.p. 1 × 1,175
Weight, kg:
Empty 2280
Loaded weight 3900
Maximum speed, km/h 460
Cruising speed, km/h 405
Service range, km 1,200
Service ceiling, m
Two 12.7 mm Breda-SAFAT machine guns, kg bombs 1 × 500
Photo Description

Drawing Breda Ba.201


  • Interrupted flight of a seagull - dive bomber Breda Ba.201 / Ivan Byakin /
  • Breda Ba.201 dive bomber / Andrey Krumkach /