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Ba.88 Lince
Attack Aircraft


Attack aircraft Ba.88 Lince "Lynx" was a high-wing all-metal construction with retractable landing gear. The power plant is two radial radial engines. In the serial version, the aircraft was equipped with two PIAGGIO P.XI R.C. engines. 40 with a capacity of 1000 hp. each, however, for an overweight design, this was clearly not enough. The overweight design forced the armament to be limited to three 12.7-mm machine guns (plus one 7.7-mm machine gun on the upper mount near the gunner), and the plane could only lift bombs in overload, they no longer fit into the normal take-off weight with full refueling.

The fuel system consisted of 12 fuel tanks with a total capacity of 1379 liters: four in the fuselage, six in the wing consoles and two in the engine nacelles. Two 73-liter oil tanks were in the wing.

Armament: three 12.7-mm fixed Breda-SAFAT front-fire machine guns in the bow and one 7.7-mm Breda-SAFAT turret machine gun in the rear cockpit. Bombs weighing up to 1000 kg in the fuselage bomb compartment or three 200 kg bombs, each half-concealed in a separate niche under the fuselage.

Serial production of the Ba.88 was carried out by two firms: "Breda" and IMAM (part of the concern "Breda") in 1939-1940, and a total of 147 aircraft were produced.

In June 1940, the plane took part in hostilities in France, as an attack aircraft of airfields. Insufficient engine power and other technical shortcomings significantly limited the use of aircraft. By 1943, their production was discontinued.

Ba.88 Specification
Crew 2
Wing span, m 15.60
Wing area, m² 33.34
Length, m 10.79
Height, m 3.10
2 x PE radial Piaggio P.XI R.C. 40 power, h.p. 2 х 1000
Weight, kg:
Empty 4650
Loaded weight 6750
Maximum speed, km/h 490
Cruising speed, km/h 385
Service range, km 1,640
Service ceiling, m 8,000
two 20mm cannons
Photo Description
Drawing Breda Ba.88 Lince

Drawing Breda Ba.88 Lince

Breda Ba.88 side and front view with Piaggio P.XI R.C. engines.

Breda Ba.88 left cockpit panel , engine control levers.

Breda Ba.88 cockpit instrument panel.

Breda Ba.88 right cockpit panel.

Breda Ba.88 radio operator's cabin.

Breda Ba.88 radio equipment , receiver on the left, transmitter on the right.

Breda Ba.88 is a three-bladed variable-pitch explosive "Breda-Ratier" with a diameter of 3.2 m. The blade rotation mechanism and heating current collectors are clearly visible.

Breda Ba.88 aircraft layout . The fuselage is weighted with a steel welded truss.

Breda Ba.88 aircraft layout, top view.

Breda Ba.88 fuel tanks, camera, battery.

Breda Ba.88 armament of the bow compartment , 12.7-mm fixed machine guns Breda-SAFAT.


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