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Caproni Ca.313 R.P.B.2

Caproni Ca.313 was a further development of its predecessors by installing new Isotta-Fraschini Delta RC.35 engines, which made it possible to improve flight characteristics. The first flight of the prototype took place in August 1939, following the results of military tests, the aircraft was immediately put into service.

The first series of aircraft received the designation Ca.313 R.P.B.1, the second series, Ca.313 R.P.B.2, featured a modified large-glazed cockpit (see top photo) for better visibility. By April 1941, the aircraft began to arrive at the flight units of Regia Aeronautica.

A total of 211 aircraft of various modifications were produced.

Ca.313 RPB1 Ca.314 A
Crew 3
Wing span, m 16.20 16.65
Wing area, m² 38.40 39.20
Length, m 11.80
Height, m 3.69 3.70
Weight, kg
Empty 4,072 4,560
Loaded weight 5,672 6,620
Engine 2 × PE Isotta-Fraschini Delta RC.35
Takeoff power, hp 2 × 730
Maximum speed, km/h 430 395
Cruising speed, km/h 380 325
Service range, km 1,700 1,690
Service ceiling, m 8,500 6,400
machine guns 3×7.7mm 3×12.7mm + 7.7mm
bombs, kg 400 385



  • Ca.313 R.P.B.1 - the first series of aircraft to have a classic front fuselage.
  • Ca.313 R.P.B.2 is the second series of aircraft. We got a large cabin with improved glazing.
  • Ca.313 R.A. (Ricognizione Armata) - Army reconnaissance modifications.
  • Ca.313F - export version for France.
  • Ca.313G - export version for Germany. The engines were Junkers Jumo 211 or BMW-Bramo 323.
Photo Description
Drawing Caproni Ca.313

Drawing Caproni Ca.313


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