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Fokker T.IX

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Fokker T.IX

The Fokker T.IX is a twin-engine torpedo bomber, a cantilever mid-wing of an all-metal design, with a twin tail and retractable landing gear. The development of the bomber was determined by the needs of the colonial Dutch Air Force in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), wishing to replace the by that time already obsolete American twin-engine Martin 139 bomber.

The power plant consisted of two Bristol Hercules radial engines with a capacity of 1375 hp. from. everyone. The aircraft's armament was located in the fuselage - one 20-mm cannon could be installed here (its installation in the nose turret was inspired by the Martin 139 aircraft) and up to four defensive 7.7-mm machine guns (in the rear of the fuselage, two pivot installations could be placed on 1-2 machine guns), but the prototype flew unarmed. The bomb load reached 2000 kg.

The first flight took place on September 11, 1939, while the war had been raging in Europe for 11 days. The flights continued without problems until March 8, 1940, when the aircraft landed "on its belly" during the landing approach due to the incomplete release of the main landing gear.

Rebuilding the car was not easy, but in April the plane was able to continue flying. Unfortunately, one day due to failure of the brakes, the aircraft was seriously damaged on the hangar door, after which it was no longer restored to flight condition. Nazi Germany invaded the Netherlands on May 10, 1940, and shortly thereafter, the prototype was confiscated by the Germans.

Fokker T.IX Specification
Crew 5
Wing span, m 24.70
Wing area, m² 88.30
Length, m 16.50
Height, m 5.10
2 × PE Bristol Hercules II, power, h. p. 2 × 1375
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 6,500
Loaded weight 11,200
Maximum speed, km/h 440
Cruising speed, km/h 398
Service range, km 2,720
Service ceiling, m 8,000

Armament: one 20-mm cannon and four 7.7-mm machine guns, up to 2000 kg of bombs or two torpedoes.

Photo Description
Drawing Fokker T.IX

Drawing Fokker T.IX


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