Aviation of WWII
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France Br.691-695 D.510 D.520 LeO.451 MB.152 MS.406 Photos & Drawings

LeO 451

Medium Bomber

Liore et Olivie

LeO 451

LeO 451 Specification
Crew 4
Wing span, m 22.53
Wing area, m2 68
Length, m 17.17
Height, m 5.25
2 PE x «Gnome-Rhone»-14Н 48/49 , power at sea level, hp 1140
at altitude 4800 m 1035
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 781
Normal takeoff weight 11400
Maximum speed at altitude 4800m, km/h 495
Cruise speed at altitude 4800m, km/h 420
Economic speed at altitude 2500m, km/h 365
Time to level 5000m, min 14
Service ceiling, m 9000
Service range with 500 kg bombs, km 2300
MAC 1934 М39 Machine gun in the nose with cartridges, pc 300
7,5-mm MAC 1934 Machine gun on a sliding lower tower with cartridges, pc 500
20-mm «Hispano»-404 cannon on the removed, upper installation АB-26 with cartridges, pc 120
2 х 500-kg or 5 х 200-kg at 1000 l of fuel
2 х 500-kg or 2 х 200-kg bombs at 1800 l of fuel
500-kg or 2 х 200-kg bombs at 3235 l of fuel, plus in addition on 2 х 200-kg bombs in fuselage


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