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Patrol Flying Boat

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LeO H.470

Patrol flying boat H.47, manufactured by Liore et Olivier, maiden flight on July 25, 1936, equipped with four Hispano-Suiza 12Ydrs liquid-cooled engines, with a capacity of 860 hp. each, two engines in tandem installation with a pulling and pushing propeller.

It was considered one of the fastest flying boats of the 30s. The H.47 had an all-metal construction, distinguished by its graceful lines and thoughtful aerodynamics. The first flight took place on July 25, 1936. During the factory tests, which lasted until January 21, 1937, practically the only improvement made to the aircraft design was the replacement of the Hamilton Standard propellers with the Ratie.

The tests have shown good results. With a flight weight of 18,500 kg, the N. 47 flew at a speed of 300 km / h at 75% thrust. When the engines were running at full throttle, the aircraft developed 361 km / h. The maximum flight range was 4000 km. On March 1, 1938, Air France issued an order for five aircraft. The Navy also showed interest in the aircraft to assess the feasibility of converting this flying boat into a long-range naval reconnaissance aircraft.

The plant of the SNCASE concern in Vitrol has begun the construction of the series. The serial modification, called the H.470, differed from the prototype by a reinforced fuselage, modified vertical tail, and a different arrangement of struts between the boat and the wing. The boat itself was lengthened and the fuel supply increased. Under the nacelles, original radiators were installed, connected to the exhaust system of the engines and providing an increase in thrust.

A total of 6 aircraft were built.

LeO H.470 Specification
Crew 5
Wing span, m 31.80
Wing area, m² 135.0
Length, m 21.20
Height, m 7.10
4 × PE Hispano-Suiza 12Ydrs, power 4 × 650 kW, h.p. 4 × 860
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 10,465
Gross weight 19,713
Maximum speed, km/h 360
Service range, km 3200
Service ceiling, m 7000
Four turret 7.5 mm Darne machine guns, bombs, kg 600
Photo Description
Drawing LeO H.470

Drawing LeO H.470


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