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Loire-Nieuport LN.10

The Loire-Nieuport LN.10 torpedo bomber was a twin-engine float seaplane with a reverse gull wing and a working skin. The entire trailing edge of the wing was occupied by ailerons and slotted flaps. The leading edges of the wing consoles had deflectable slats with hydraulic control. In each wing console there was a fuel tank with a capacity of 2130 liters. Gnome-Rhône radial air cooled engines were mounted above the wing directly above the floats using pylons and a brace system.

The fuselage of the seaplane had a working skin and accommodated a crew of six. In the extreme forward part of the fuselage there was a navigator-bombardier with a 7.5-mm Darne machine gun, placed on a mobile installation. Behind the navigator-bombardier's seat was a dual-control cockpit with side-by-side pilot seats. Immediately behind the co-pilot's seat was a radio operator's workplace with a Bronzavia M 150A low-frequency radio station, a SADIR 512 high-frequency radio station and an LMT RC5B radio direction finder. Behind the radio operator were a flight mechanic and a gunner, who was housed in a SAMM AB15 powered turret armed with a 20-mm Hispano-Suiza 404 cannon. From below-rear attacks, the seaplane was protected by a 7.5-mm Darne machine gun, placed on a mobile unit BP 20 and firing through a hatch in the fuselage ledge.

The bomb bay, which occupied the entire lower part of the fuselage between the post of the navigator-bombardier and the power-driven turret, housed five 235-kg Type K bombs or three 410-kg Type L bombs. As an alternative bomb load, it was envisaged to place two 670-kg or 750-kg torpedoes.

The first prototype LN.10-01 made its first flight on July 21, 1939. At the end of May 1940, LN.10-01 flew to Urten to complete official tests, but at the end of the next month it was flooded to avoid its capture by German troops ...

Loire-Nieuport LN.10 Specification
Crew 6
Wing span, m 26.85
Wing area, m² 90.00
Length, m 9.75
Height, m 6.70
2 × PE radial Gnome-Rhône 14R-01, power, hp 2 × 1600
Weight, kg:
Empty plane 8500
Gross weight 13,945
Maximum speed, km/h 430
Cruising speed, km/h 286
Service range, km 3,300
Service ceiling, m 7,000

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Схема Loire-Nieuport LN.10

Loire-Nieuport LN.10


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