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Loire-Nieuport LN.42

Deck dive bomber LN.401 from Loire-Nieuport was a single-engine monoplane with a reverse gull wing and a three-keel tail. It had a retractable tricycle landing gear with a tail wheel. The prototype, LN 40 No 1, began flight tests at Villa Kubla in June 1938. The flights showed the need to increase the vertical tail area - for this, keel washers were placed on the ends of the stabilizer.

On July 3, 1939, a new order was approved for 36 aircraft, designated LN 401. At the same time, 40 more aircraft were ordered for the Air Force. The Air Force headquarters was then under the influence of the combat successes of the dive bombers in Spain. The Air Force modification, named LN 411, was very similar to the deck version, but the wing did not fold. There were also no Lux inflatable floats and a landing hook.

A total of 99 LN 401/411 aircraft were produced.

Loire-Nieuport LN.411 Specification
Crew 1
Wing span, m 14.00
Wing area, m² 24.75
Length, m 9.75
Height, m 3.505
1 × PE Hispano Suiza 12Xcrs, power, hp 1 × 690
Weight, kg:
Empty plane 2,135
Loaded weight 2,823
Maximum speed, km/h 380
Cruising speed, km/h 350
Service range, km 1,200
Service ceiling, m 9,500
20 mm cannon on the engine, and 2 × 7.5 mm machine guns in the wing, bombs, kg 225

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Схема Loire-Nieuport LN.401

Loire-Nieuport LN.401


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