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Bloch MB.174A3

MB.174 - all-metal reconnaissance bomber of the Second World War with retractable landing gear, with a tail wheel. This machine traced its ancestry to the MB.170, a multipurpose two-three-seat aircraft, which began work at the end of 1936. The MB.174 was intended mainly for reconnaissance and target marking, but could also be used to a limited extent as a bomber. The aircraft made its first flight on January 5, 1939.

The undoubted advantages of the design prompted the Air Force headquarters to formulate requirements for the version of the bomber based on the MB. 174. This plane was assembled. Soon, the bomber in two modifications, MB.175 and MB.176, began to gradually displace its predecessor from the assembly lines. Intended primarily for reconnaissance, MB. 174 had a very small bomb bay. It included only eight bombs of 50 kg. From September 1939, priority was given to bombers. No more orders were received for reconnaissance modification. The 50th and last production aircraft left the Bordeaux factory floor in May 1940.

Specifications. Bloch MB. 174A3 175
Crew 3
Wing span, m 17.90 17.95
Wing area, m² 38.00 38.39
Length, m 12.25
Height, m 3.55
2 × PE Gnome-Rhone 14N-48/49, power, hp 2 × 1100 2 × 1140
Weight, kg:
Empty plane 5,600 5,660
Loaded weight 7,160 8,025
Maximum speed, km/h 530 540
Cruising speed, km/h 400 395
Service range, km 1,650 1,600
Service ceiling, m 11,000 10,900
7 × 7.5 mm MAC 1934 machine gun, bombs up to, kg 400 600

MB.175. All the differences between the MB.174 scout and the MB bomber. 175 stemmed precisely from the need to increase the bomb bay. For this, it was necessary to design a new center section, while the general design of the MB. 175 hasn't changed at all. MB. 175 # 01. It took off in September 1939.

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Drawing Bloch MB.174A3

Drawing Bloch MB.175

Bloch 175T

MB.175T Naval aviation began to show interest in MB.175 as early as 1940. One aircraft of this type was equipped with a torpedo suspension and tested in the summer of 1941. This interest did not disappear even further, and in 1945 The French Navy ordered 100 MV.175T torpedo bombers. MV.175T # 1, which took off on May 15, 1946, was superficially similar to bombers produced in 1940. Budgetary restrictions forced the initial order to be cut to 80 aircraft. MB. 175 was finally discontinued in 1950.

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Drawing Bloch MB.175T


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