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Potez 630

Potez 630 - multipurpose fighter, created under the guidance of engineer King. Structurally, it was a cantilever monoplane with two-fin tail and retractable landing gear. In keeping with the spirit of the times, it had a well-streamlined shape and smooth skin. Power plant - two engines located on the wing. On the R.630 it was planned to use the Hispano-Suiza HS 14H engines, on the R.631 - the Gnome-Rhone GR14M. Externally, the types 630 and 631 differed in their moto installation, the hoods of the Gnome-Ronovs on the R.631 had a smaller diameter, and the oil cooler's air intake was at the bottom. At R. 630, the air intakes were placed on top of the engine nacelles.

Serial production of Pote 63 fighters began in May 1937, the first serial P.630 took off in February 1938.

Before the declaration of war on Germany, the French Air Force had 85 R. 630, of which 65 were in the first line. At the same time, there were 206 R.631, including 117 in combat units.

R.630 and R.631 in flight duration significantly exceeded single-engine fighters - this was used. Sometimes "Pote" tried to attack on their own. They even managed to shoot down several German planes.

In view of the uselessness of using the R.631 during the day, in February 1940, the leaders of the fighter squadrons were eliminated, and the aircraft that had previously belonged to them were withdrawn from the units. All P.630s were transferred to training units.

A total of 300 aircraft models 630, 631 were produced.

Potez 630 Specification
Crew 2
Wing span, m 16.00
Wing area, m² 32.70
Length, m 11.07
Height, m 3.61
2 × PE Hispano-Suiza 14Ab 10/11, power, h.p. 2 × 720
Weight, kg
Empty 2,450
Gross weight 3,850
Maximum speed, km/h 448
Cruising speed, km/h 412
Service range, km 1,300
Service ceiling, m 10,000

Armament. Two front 7.62 mm MAC 34 machine guns and one of the same machine gun on a turret in the rear cockpit.

Photo Description
Drawing Potez 630

Drawing Potez 630


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