Aviation of WWII
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The Royal Australian Air Force & Royal New Zealand Air Force in the Pacific

Rene J. Francillon, Ph.D

Photo Description

Short Empire A18-12, ex VH-ABC "Coogee" at Rose Bay, N.S.W. (New South Wales), in 1940.
(Barry Pattison)

CA-1 Wirraways, the Australian-built version of the North American Texan/Harvard series, from No. 21 Squadron in 1940.
(Australian War Memorial).

CA-8 Wirraway, A20-252, from No. 2 O.T.U. (Operational Training Unit) at Mildura, Victoria.
(via Frank Smith).

Wirraways from No. 2 S.F.T.S. (Service Flying Training School) in 1941.
(Australian War Memorial).

Coded NV-M this Wirraway from No. 23 Squadron is seen here flying with gear down off Evans Head, NSW., in 1943.
(Barry Pattison)

Wirraways and Boomerangs from No. 5 Squadron at Bougainville in 1945. The nearest aircraft—A20-502, BF-0—is a CA-9 Wirraway.
(via Frank Smith).

A20-642, a CA-16 Wirraway, after a landing accident at Bathurst Island on 1 August 1944. This aircraft was the hack of No. 457 Squadron which was then flying Spitfires.
(via Frank Smith).

L5156, one of 366 Fairey Battles transferred to the RAAF for training and target-towing duties.
(RAAF Official).

K7600, a Battle from No. 1 B.A.G.S. (Bomber and Air Gunnery School) after a forced landing at Evans Head, N.S.W. (New South Wales), on 27 January 1944.
(via Al Bovelt).

A23-1, the sole CA-11 Woomera built in 1944 by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation.
(CAC Pty Ltd).

A24-11, one of the eighteen Consolidated Model 28-5MA's originally ordered by the RAAF.
(Australian War Memorial)

Two Catalinas from No. 11 Squadron over Lake Macquarie, N.S.W., in 1944. In the lead is A24-35 (FJ-A),a PBY-5, with A24-28 (FJ-L), an ex Dutch PBY-3, following.
(via Frank Smith).

PBY-5—A24-64, OX-D "The Dabster"—from No. 43 Squadron above Lake Boga, Victoria, in 1944. Unusual camouflage consisted in matt black overall with very light grey patches above the wings.
(via Frank Smith).

A24-54, a PBY-5 from No. 20 Squadron at Cairns, Qld.
(RAAF Official).

A24-362, OX-V, from No. 43 Squadron.
(Australian War Memorial).

Cockpit and forward turret with twin 0.30-in. machine guns of a PB2B-2R.
(Australian War Memorial).

A24-358, a Boeing-built PB2B-2R from No. 43 Squadron at Cairns, Qld., in 1945. (Australian War Memorial).

A formation of Airspeed Oxfords from No. 6 S.F.T.S. (Service Flying Training School).
(Australian War Memorial}.

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