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CANT Z.508

In accordance with the requirements for a long-range naval bomber and reconnaissance company, CANT began to create a three-engine version of the Z.501 flying boat. At the same time, the unchanged aluminum two-legged hull of the boat was equipped with two keels and three Isotta Frascini "Asso" XI RC.40 engines, with a capacity of 860 hp each. each, leaving the structure of the wooden wing virtually unchanged.

In 1935, a contract was signed for the production of three prototypes of the Z.508. The first prototype entered trials on October 17, 1936, almost at the same time as the Z.506 floatplane, which later became the main vehicle of this type in the fleet aviation. The flying boat left a pleasant impression, but they decided to abandon its serial production.

Subsequently, the first prototype Z.508 with registration number I-VECC decided to re-equip to set world records. In the period from April 13 to May 1, under the control of Mario Stoppani, the aircraft improved three world achievements - with his participation, world records were set for lifting 10,000 kg of cargo to a height of 2000 meters and a speed of 248.24 km / h when flying at a distance of over 2000 km at load 5000 kg.

Two other prototypes were ready in the winter of 1937-1938. and a few months later entered service in the 171st Sq. 91st Gr. based on seaplanes near La Spezia. The next year they were sent to Taranto, to the school of marine observers, where they subsequently ceased to exist. The last remaining aircraft was scrapped on October 5, 1940.

CANT Z.508 Specification
Crew 5
Wingspan, m 30.00
Wing area, m² 62.00
Length, m 21.82
Height, m 4.43
3 × PE Isotta Fraschini Asso XI RC.40, power, h.p. 3 × 860
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 5,600
Gross weight 10,400
Maximum speed, km/h 315
Cruising speed, km/h 248
Service range, km 3,000
Service ceiling, m 7,200
Two 7.7 mm and two 12.7 mm machine guns, bombs, kg, 1000
Photo Description
Drawing CANT Z.508

Drawing CANT Z.508




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