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The group of pilots near the French "Farman-30". The aircraft was one of the main reconnaissance aircraft in Russian and Soviet Air Force from 1916 to 1921. From 1921 to 1925 it was used as a training aircraft.

On the banner of the inscription: «School of military pilots» .

Military rank demonstrates reversal elbows :-) probably in 1923.

Formation of Nieuport XXIV bis planes with their crews and commanders. Perhaps the parade.

Formation of Fokker DXI with their crews and commanders. Probably, the next review of the background is seen the chiefs, who move along down the line with "salute".

Parade. In the background, after the formation of pilots - the cavalry.

Group photo in the background, probably Nieuport XXIV bis .

The strength of the upper wing skin in the area of the center-let there be a man!

Group photo, Rafalovich in the center.

Especially noteworthy pilot in the "pot".

Group pilots with watches and maps, 5th Sg, 1927. We have seen them standing in a line on the previous page.

Fokker DVII with a damaged upper wing.

"Ford" with a group of pilots.

Harley-Davidson. Please note, that only the handle on the wheel brakes of the front wheel, and located on the left ...

"Maxim Gorky" in flight

Soviet aircraft R-1 (Reconnaissance) with engine M-5 400 hp. The plane is neither a copy nor the modernization of British DH-9a. It was built from other materials, in the construction made a lot of new. Was built 2800 airplanes.

Rafalovich pilot in the cockpit of a R-1. On the left in the cabin thermometer outside air, simple and trouble-free :-)

Rafalovich in the cabin onboard arrow of a R-1. Armament aircraft - one synchronous (200 rounds), one on the turret machine gun (500 rounds), there were underwing bomb racks for several small bombs

Outfitting for flight , in an open cockpit, in the winter, it was necessary to dress warmly. Over the gloves even fur mittens. On the feet "burki", boots appeared later ...

Tupolev TB-3 in flight

2 Lewis gun in the rear turret in a heavy, six-engine bomber Tupolev TB-4.

Group photo. On the back the inscription: Kupinsk, April 21, 1942 D A.

Group photo. On the back the inscription: Izhevsk - plant number 74 August 8, 1943.

VVA 1939-1944 . Air Military Academy of KA, Order of Lenin, named prof. Zhukovsky. Release Engineers pilots 1939-1944.

Rafalovich Alexander, Lieutenant General Aviation.

Date of posting on the site: Marth 19, 2015


  • Photos and documents from the archives of Oleg Lisachev

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