Aviation of World War II

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Beriev (Beriashvili)

The history of BERIEV Aircraft company traces back to October 1, 1934.

This date is considered as the starting point for Taganrog Central Design Bureau of Seaplane Manufacturing organized at the facilities of Aircraft Plant # 31. The engineer Georgy M. Beriev became the Chief Designer of the Bureau. At that time, the Design Bureau was mainly engaged in seaplane construction.

Seaplanes of the USSR

Throughout the 70 years of its history, BERIEV has demonstrated exceptional creativity and has contributed immensely to the development of Russian science and technology, first and foremost in the field of seaplanes and amphibian aircraft construction.

The MBR-2 short-range reconnaissance aircraft, KOR-1 (Be-2) and KOR-2 (Be-4) ship-borne seaplanes designed in prewar years were used to advantage by the Navy during World War II.