Aviation of World War II

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Pavel Sukhoy

Pavel Sukhoy

Pavel Sukhoy

The main tactical purposes of airplane ANT-51 were followin: reconnaissance aircraft, a short-range bomber, attack aircraft and an escort aircraft. ANT-51 had bombing loading of 1000 kg, armament - six machine guns. Test - pilots counted ANT-51 a sample of the reasonableness and flight performances.

ANT-51 have started to manufacture since 1940 under designation BB-1 (short-range bomber), and soon airplane got designation Su-2.


During Great Patriotic war the divisions Su-2 acted on the most different sites of front including under Stalingrad, and have made much for restraint of approach of Germany armies. Last airplanes were equipped with more high-power motors M-82 (in this version the airplane had designation Sу-4). In 1942 manufacture Su-2 have stopped. Tasks of short-range bombers began to execute heavy attack planes Il-2 and diving bombers Pe-2.

In total 877 airplanes Su-2 and Su-4 were built.