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Polikarpov I-180

I-180 - in several versions was projected and under construction on replacement I-16, as a mass fighter. Under the scheme it{he} repeated I-16, but with a little bit big sizes and power and considerably higher flight performances. The destiny of first three experimental copies appeared tragic

I-180-b On first of them, in the first flight on December, 15, 1938, Valeriy Tchkalov was lost. That day the frost of 24 degrees was. At airplane descent on low speeds the engine has overcooled, and at attempt to increase a mode has decayed. Valeriy Tchkalov has not held on up to runway very little.

I-180-2 On second of them, on September, 5, 1939 in 53 test - pilot Thomas Suzi was lost. The reason of accident was blinding the pilot by hot oil owing to destruction of an oil cooler.

I-180-3 the First flight has taken place on February, 10, 1940. Production tests have passed in general safely and the airplane has shown high flight performances (Vmax=575 km/h).

However failures of airplane I-180 proceeded. On May, 26, 1940, on an equal place airplane of test - pilot Stepan Suprun noses over. A month later, on 5-th of July , the pilot of scientific research institute of air force Afanasy Proshakov, has left an airplane on the parachute, not having deduced it from spin.

Construction of the first series continued. First three airplanes from a series in ten airplanes were built in December, 1939 and passed the production tests. By May, 1, 1940 were built all ten, and three of them have been shown on May Day parade.

It was unexpected, at the end of 1940 I-180 have phased out of production.

Last Polikarpov`s fighters
I-180-1 I-180-2 I-180-3 I-185 (I) I-185 et.
Year of issue 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942
Length, m 6.79 6.79 6.88 8.10 8.05
Wing span, m 9.0 10.05 10.09 9.80 9.80
Wing area, m2 14.68 16.11 16.11 15.53 15.53
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 1710 1847 2020 2717 3130
Maximum takeoff weight 2331 2459 2638 3418 3825
Engine M-88 M-87B M-88R M-82A M-71
Power, hp 960/1100 950/1100 1000/1100 1330/1600 1625/2000
Maximum speed, km/h at sea level 435 408 455 549 600
at altitude 557 540 575 615 680
m 5000 5850 7000 6470 6100
Landing speed, km/h 120 130 130 155 150
Service Ceiling, m 10250 10250 11050 - -
Cannon and Machine guns 4xShkas 4xShkas 4xShkas 3xShVAK20 3xShVAK20
Bombs, ext., kg 200 200 200 4Х100 4x100


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