Aviation of WWII
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Photos & Drawings

Photo Discription


I-15 bis



One of I-15, captured by Franco after the Spanish Civil War. Visible on the lower wing oblique white cross in a black circle.

I-15bis # 3368. Hood and chassis fairings are painted with green paint protection.

I-15bis # 3615 with a 50-liter drop tanks. Air Force Research Institute, April 1939.

I-15bis with registration number 68. The plane was used after 1943 - a red star in the white border.

The second test-153 with serial number 6005.

I-153 in the standard silver color. Clearly visible shades of metal and fabric covering.

I-153, the hub of the propeller plane closed cook.

Arranged in a line of I-15 bis after the Nazi air raid June 22, 1941.

I-153 Lieutenant V. Redko to launch motor from airfield starter.

Fighters I-153 over the Bay of Sevastopol, 1941.

Start on alert. The pilots in winter coveralls run to his "Seagull".

Alarm at the airport Fighter Regiment Major Belyaev. Volkhov Front, Tikhvin district, December 1941.