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I-16 type 17

Multipurpose Fighter


I-16 type 17 with M-25V engine . It was a variation of type 10 with the replacement of wing-mounted ShKAS machine guns with ShVAK cannons. The cannons are fed through the sleeves laid behind the first fuselage frame, and further along the front spar of the center section. In the upper part of the fuselage there is a hatch for stowing a projectile tape; for the same purpose, a cutout is made above the hatch in the trailing edge of the upper part of the hood. In connection with the installation of the cannons, the center section was reinforced, the upper weapon hatch was lengthened from 650 mm to 744 mm. Starting with type 17, skis that were retractable in flight were installed (including on type 10). In this regard, in the lower part of the hood, in the place of interface with the wing, there are knockouts for ski socks. In connection with the latter, the lower windows for the nozzles of 5 and 6 cylinders have disappeared.

I-16 Polikarpov
type 5 type 10 type 17
Year 1936 1938 1938
Wing span, m 9.000 9.004 9.004
Height, m 3.250 3.250 3.250
Length, m 5.985 6.074 6.074
Wing area, m² 14.54 14.54 14.54
Engine M-25A M-25 M-25V
Power, hp h.p. 730 750 750
at altitude, m 2400 2900 2900
Weight, kg
Wing load, kg/m² 103,5 118 124
Loaded weight, kg 1508 1716 1810
Empty weight, kg 1118.5 1327 1425.5
Maximum speed, km/h at sea level 390 398 385
at altitude 445 448 425
m 2700 3160 2700
Time to 3000m, min 4.0/3400 3.4 4.36
Time to 5000m, min 7.7/5400 6.9 8.9
Time of turn, sec 14-15 16-18 17-18
Service ceiling, m 9100 8470 8240
Service range, km 540 525 417
Machine guns ShKAS 2 4 2
Cannon ShVAK - - 2

Both types of aircraft were produced during 1938 and were tested in combat conditions in Spain. State tests of both aircraft took place in February 1939, at the airfield of the Air Force Research Institute in Shelkovo. Winter weather forced the aircraft to be equipped with retractable skis of the P-39 type.

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Drawing I-16 type 17


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