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I-16 type 28

Multipurpose Fighter


I-16 type 28 with M-63 engine . It was a variation of type 24 with the replacement of wing-mounted ShKAS machine guns with ShVAK cannons. The power of the guns was carried out through the sleeves laid behind the first fuselage frame, and further along the front spar of the center section. In the upper part of the fuselage there was a hatch for laying the projectile tape; for the same purpose, a cutout was made above the hatch in the trailing edge of the upper part of the hood. In connection with the installation of the cannons, the center section was reinforced, the upper weapon hatch was lengthened from 650 mm to 744 mm. Starting with type 17, skis that were retractable in flight were installed (including on type 10). In this regard, in the lower part of the hood, in the place of interface with the wing, there are knockouts for ski socks. In connection with the latter, the lower windows for the nozzles of 5 and 6 cylinders have disappeared.

I-16 Polikarpov
type 18 type 24 type 29
Year 1938 1939 1940
Wing span, m 9.004 9.004 9.004
Height, m 3.250 3.250 3.218
Length, m 6.074 6.130 6.130
Wing area, m² 14.54 14.54 14.54
Engine M-62 M-63 M-63
Power, hp h.p. 800 900 900
at altitude, m 4500 4500 4500
Weight, kg
Wing load, kg/m² 125.5 129 130
Loaded weight, kg 1830 1882 1940
Empty weight, kg 1433.5 1382 1496.5
Maximum speed, km/h at sea level 413 410 427
at altitude 461 462 463
m 4400 4700 2000
Time to 3000m, min 2.9 3.4 3.2
Time to 5000m, min 5.4 6.0 5.55
Time of turn, sec 17 17-18 17-9
Service ceiling, m 9300 9700 9950
Service range, km 485 440 -
Machine guns ShKAS 4 4 2
Cannon ShVAK - - 2

The next modification of type 17 was the I-16 type 27 version with the replacement of the M-25V by the M-62. All design changes affected the propeller-driven installation like the type 18. The work on the aircraft was continued with the modification of the I-16 type 28 with the M-63 engine. General changes were made to the aircraft in accordance with the type 24.

I-16 type 17. This is a modification of the I-16 type 10 aircraft with ShVAK wing cannons instead of machine guns. In places of their installation, the wing structure was reinforced. Each gun had 150 rounds of ammunition.

I-16 type 18. A variant of a fighter equipped with an M-62 engine (1000 hp) with a two-speed supercharger and a variable-pitch VISH-6A propeller. New cocks have been developed for the screws. The engine mount of the aircraft was also strengthened, the oil system was improved, the aircraft received a new carburetor. The fuel tanks were protected by armor. The fighter's armament consisted of four ShKAS machine guns. Modification I-16 type 18 had a visual difference: a tail wheel installed instead of a crutch. The aircraft was manufactured in significant quantities. This modification had better stability in flight, its control was less strict, and takeoff and landing characteristics improved.

I-16 type 24. This aircraft is a modification of the I-16 type 18. A new M-63 engine was installed on it, and the fuselage and wing structure was strengthened. Additional plywood skin was installed between the spars, which significantly reduced wing torsion. The fighter was equipped with a variable pitch propeller VISH AV-1 with a new spinner, and the chassis structure was reinforced. In addition, this modification could be equipped with additional hanging tanks with a volume of 200 liters. The fighter's armament consisted of four ShKAS machine guns, two of which could be replaced by a 12.7-mm BS. Also, fighters of this modification could be armed with RS-82 rockets (up to six pieces). The mass of the aircraft reached 2050 kg.

I-16 type 28. Modification of the I-16 type 24 aircraft, with two ShVAK cannons on the wing instead of machine guns.

Photo Description

I-16 type 28 No. 2821395 by Boris Safonov in the Central Naval Museum in St. Petersburg.


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