Aviation of WWII
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I-16 type 4

I-16 type 5

I-16 type 10

I-16 type 29

The third prototype of the I-17 (TsKB 19bis) during testing cannon armament. 1937

System "Link" SPB, summer 1938

I-16 type 24 Lieutenant Krichevsky. Budogoshch airfield, Leningrad Front, 1943 (V.Stankov)

The pre-16 fighter type 29 in the state test. The aircraft carries additional fuel tanks, guides missiles and radio antenna mast.

I-16 type 29, armed with RS-132.

This I-16 type 5 (tactical number "9" yellow) was equipped with a radio RCI-3, as indicated by the short antenna mast on the keel.

I-16 Type 20 (# 1021681) was an experimental version of the fighter I-16 Type 10, equipped with two 200 liter underwing fuel tanks. These tanks provide fighter range of around 1,200 km.

I-16 # 1021582 with the M-25B is equipped with a turbocharger TK-1.