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Fighter I-28 - the designs of Vladimir Panfilovich Yatsenko had a rather significant structural similarity with the I-180: a similar scheme, the same M-87 air-cooled engine with 1000 hp, powerful armament and a similar flight weight - about 2600 kg.

The first prototype was built only with an M-87A engine of 950 hp, on June 10, 1939, P. M. Stefanovsky made his first flight on it. See below the comparative table with Polikarpovsky I-180-2. On July 4, 1939, during tests for the maximum speed in a dive, when the indicated speed of 595 km / h was reached (V ist was 725 km / h), a fragment of the hood was torn off, which led to the destruction of the aircraft, Stefanovsky escaped by parachute.

I-28-2 appeared at the airfield in October - November 1939, and soon it managed to perform a number of test flights. Due to the unavailability of the M-88 engine, the M-87A engine was also installed on it.

It was decided to expand the serial production of the I-28 at the Saratov aircraft plant No. 292, which continued to build the P-10 all-wooden reconnaissance aircraft. The similarity of the technology of the two aircraft could have accelerated the introduction of the Yatsenko fighter.

I-28 I-180-2
Wing span, m 9.60 10.05
Length, m 8.54 6.79
Wing area, m² 16.50 16.11
Мотор M-87A M-87B
Power, h.p. 950/1100 950/1100
Weight, kg:
Empty 2,757 1,847
Gross weight 2,670 2,459
Maximum speed, km/h H=0 439 408
H 560 540
м 6000 5850
Landing speed, km / h 130
Service ceiling, m 10,400 10,250
Service range, km 800
Number of cannons and machine guns 2×ShKAS
Bombs on external sling, kg 100 200

Weapons . Two 7.62 mm ShKAS machine guns and two 12.7 mm ShVAK machine guns or one 20 mm ShVAK cannon and two 12.7 mm VS machine guns. Combat load - 100 kg (light bombs or 4 × RS).

Resolution of the Defense Committee No. 235cc of May 25, 1940: “To remove I-28 aircraft from production at plant No. 292. Allow the People's Commissariat of Defense to accept 10 I-28 aircraft. ” At the same time, a decision was made to deploy serial production of I-26 fighters at plant No. 292, Deputy People's Commissar for Experimental Aircraft Building A.S. Yakovleva. As for the I-28 series in the amount of 10 copies, it was built. Then the shrouded planes without engines stood for a long time on the outskirts of the factory airfield.

Despite the loss of the serial plant and the termination of production of the I-28, Yatsenko continued to improve the I-28 and in the summer of 1940 presented a draft design of the I-287 fighter with the M-90 engine.

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Drawing Yatsenko I-28


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