Aviation of WWII
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USSR People & Aircraft USSR Luftwaffe RAF USAAF Photos
History of designs of planes in USSR 1938-1950 Vadim Shavrov
From a history of the Soviet aircraft. Planes of Sergey Ilyushin Genrih Novigilov
Designer Sergey Ilyushin Aleksandr Ponomarev
Stories of the aircraft designer Alexander Yakovlev
The Soviet planes Alexander Yakovlev
Yak-9 Dmitriy Leipnik
First "Yak" C Kuznetcov
Yak-9: Private soldiers of heavens Dmitriy Leipnik
Planes of Stalin's falcons Konstantin Kosminkov and Dmitriy Grinyuk
Stalin's falcons Walter Schwabedissen
Tupolev Leonid Kerber
Attack planes of Red Army V. Perov and O. Rastrenin
The planes of USSR of World War II Viktor Yudenok
50 best fighters of World War II Gennadiy Kornukhin
Shipborne Fighters of World War II Ivan Kudishin
The histoty of air armament Alexander Shirokorad
The I-180, I-185 Michael Maslov
Aviation of Luftwaffe Viktor Shunkov
Planes of Germany of World War II Viktor Shunkov
The German Imprint on the History of Russian Aviation D.A. Sobolev, D.B. Khazanov
The confidential projects of Luftwaffe fighters Valter Shik and Ingolf Mayer
The confidential projects of Luftwaffe bombers Diter Hervig and Geinc Rode
Jet planes of Luftwaffe А. Zapolskis
Famous planes and helicopters Tony Holms
American warplanes of World War II under cor. David Donald
British warplanes of World War II under cor. Daniel March
Fighter FW 190 А. Rusetckiy
World War II. Unsolved secrets Robert Djekson
Bostons in USSR Vladimir Kotelnikov
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