Aviation of WWII
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KOR-1 (Be-2)

Reconnaissance seaplane


KOR-1 (Be-2)
Be-2 Specification (sea)
Crew 2
Wings span, m 11.0
Wings area, m² 31.8
Length, m 7.12
Height, m 4.415
1xPE M-25, power max/nom, hp 715/675
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 1640
Loaded weight, kg 2425
Maximum speed at sea level km/h 245
Maximum speed at altitude 2000 m km/h 277
Service ceiling, m 6600
Maximum range, km 860
3 x 7.62-mm Shkas machine gun, bombs kg 200

Photo Description

Drawing KOR-1 (Be-2)

Plane KOR-1 (CDB MS-3) at the factory tests. In the cockpit - Pilot PA Noman

KOR-1 with folded wings in the factory shop number 31

Serial KOR-1, front view

Serial KOR-1, 3/4 rear view

Serial KOR-1, rear view

KOR-1 on the catapult K-12

Experienced KOR-1 on tests in Sevastopol

KOR-1 on tests in Sevastopol at 1937

Serial KOR-1 wheeled


  • "The history of designs of planes in USSR previous to 1938" /Vadim Shavrov/
  • "Ship scout for "large fleet" " /Alexander Zablotsky, Andrey Salnikov /
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